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Mina Kimes’ Wild Photo Leads To Bryce Young Draft Concerns

Mina Kimes’ Wild Photo Leads To Bryce Young Draft Concerns

Mina Kimes is one of the most prominent ESPN NFL personalities around. She makes headlines weekly with her various football-related hot takes.

That said, on Wednesday Kimes became part of the story when she may have inadvertently dealt a blow to the 2023 NFL Draft stock of Alabama star quarterback, Bryce Young.

The photo featuring Kimes and Young speaks for itself.

Mina Kimes’ Wild Photo Leads To Bryce Young Draft Concerns 1

Young’s size was already a cause for concern, and seeing him standing next to the seemingly-petite Kimes didn’t do the Alabama star any favors.

Shortly after the picture went viral, Kimes attempted to change the narrative.

Reactions to the photo were mostly humorous.

That said, it’s hard to ignore the central issue here: Young’s height. He is currently listed at 6′ 0″, which is just a shade taller than the very tiny Kyler Murray. And if the Arizona Cardinals had a re-do, they likely wouldn’t have given him that five-year, $230.5 million extension.

Smaller quarterbacks have obviously succeeded at the NFL level in the past. Drew Brees was also 6′ 0″. But it makes things harder.

This week Keyshawn Johnson spoke with Max Kellerman and explained why Young’s height is an issue, even if he is extremely decorated at the collegiate level.

“Because the league is big, man,” Johnson said.

“… Those guys on the other side, they’ve got bad intentions. Those Quinnen Williamses, they’re looking to body slam you on your neck and hurt you, they really are. That’s what they’re paid to do. They’re paid to bring you down, relieve you from the game.”

Johnson didn’t stop there, though.

“Coach Parcells said, ‘I like him, but he’s going to get kilt out here,’ k-i-l-t,” Johnson continued. “He’s going to get kilt out here, somebody’s going to really do some harm. … In the National Football League, my kicker should never be bigger than my quarterback. Never.”

In a slow week where things like The Sodfather’s role in the Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl and the two teams interested in Baker Mayfield have been the biggest stories around, it’s unsurprising that this situation has such legit legs.

Will Kimes’ photo ultimately impact Young’s stock when the draft finally rolls around?

Time will tell.

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