Mike Perry Cut By UFC After Hitting Elderly Man, Yelling N-Word?

Mike Perry Cut By UFC After Hitting Elderly Man, Yelling N-Word?

Mike Perry Cut By UFC After Hitting Elderly Man, Yelling N-Word?

UFC fighter Mike Perry found himself at the center of controversy this week after an ugly encounter at a Lubbock, Texas, restaurant.

In a video that was recorded by a bystander, Perry can be seen engaging in an angry dispute with a man described as “elderly” by multiple media organizations.

The UFC welterweight was seemingly angry that the man in question had touched him, and was being very vocal about his displeasure. Eventually, the altercation turned violent.

As the mess spilled out onto the street, video captured Perry casually yelling the n-word. Although there did not appear to be any black people in the vicinity, folks who saw the video and people in the area were understandably upset by the slur being tossed around.

Perry is a middle-of-the-road UFC fighter who has not shown the talent necessary to truly enter the upper echelons. His primary value to the UFC is being entertaining and crazy. But there is a breaking point.

With racial tensions being high and violence against the elderly always being something of a sensitive topic, it will be interesting to see how president Dana White ultimately reacts.

On paper, Perry has seemingly crossed over into “more trouble than he is worth” territory. However, White has tendency to double down whenever he feels pressure to do something he does not want to do, so it also would not be particularly surprising to see him resist the many calls he is now facing to cut Perry.

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