Mike Krzyzewski Goes Nuts After Duke Beats Florida State

Mike Krzyzewski Goes Nuts After Duke Beats Florida State

Mike Krzyzewski Goes Nuts After Duke Beats Florida State

Mike Krzyzewski went nuts after Duke beat Florida State on Monday night.

And “going nuts” is a relative term. For the generally stoic Krzyzewski, who literally just yelled at a bunch of his own fans for showing too much enthusiasm, what he did this evening definitely qualifies.

Following 70-65 victory over Florida State on Monday, Krzyzewski celebrated his team’s sixth straight win by pumping up the student section.

It was a far cry from when he yelled at the Cameron Crazies during last week’s showdown between the Blue Devils and Pitt. At the time, Krzyzewski felt the Duke fans were disrespecting former assistant and current Pitt coach Jeff Capel.

This time around, Krzyzewski was in a much more jovial mood.

Monday’s big showing moved Duke to 21-3 on the year. The Blue Devils’ ACC record stands at 11-2, and they now sit comfortably in second place in the conference.

Trey Jones and Jordan Goldwire ultimately guided Duke to victory against Florida State, recording 13 points. More importantly, the winning side held Florida State to under 38 percent shooting and les than 17 percent from behind the arc.

In an effort to get the student section excited, Krzyzewski walked over and waved his arms up and down multiple times to get the crowd into it.

After the outing, Krzyzewski was asked why he did what he did.

“I think our fans need to know the hell happened,” he said.

“Our team just beat a top 10 team. We don’t just go to the supermarket and buy these things. They weren’t bad, they just need to be hungry. They need to be more appreciative of this team.”

So to recap: Duke fans, after being admonished for being too hardcore of supporters of the program, were not sufficiently supporting them on Monday night.

“We’ve been spoiled to see Bagley and those guys play,” Krzyzewski continued.

“That’s not who we have. This is an old fashioned team. We’re accustomed to outstanding. This team is trying to be outstanding. Don’t get on the ride at the end.”

Krzyzewski and Duke are having a strong year. When the tournament rolls around, the Blue Devils are going to be a force to be reckoned with. All that being said, Krzyzewski’s antics are getting to be a little old.

At the end of the day, he should continue focusing on the basketball side of things and just let the fans keep doing what they’re brought in to do.

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