Mike Golic Moving To Barstool Or Fox Sports?

Mike Golic Moving To Barstool Or Fox Sports?

Mike Golic Moving To Barstool Or Fox Sports?

Mike Golic’s two-decade run on ESPN Radio has finally come to an end. As of August 17, the Worldwide Leader in Sports will completely revamp its lineup in a way that will no longer feature the 57-year-old.

Up until about three years ago, Golic and his former partner Mike Greenberg spent 18 years on Mike & Mike together.

After Greenberg left to co-host the Get Up television program on ESPN, Trey Wingo stepped in as his replacement.

This week, that partnership came to an end.

“Our new lineup will provide sports fans informative and engaging content throughout the week from hosts who all have radio experience,” ESPN said of the decision.

“They know how to connect with fans and keep them invested in the programming. Our listeners will hear diverse perspectives on key topics from some of the most talented, knowledgeable and contemporary voices in the industry.”

As part of ESPN’s big shake-up, Greenberg will return to radio – but at the noon spot.

The big question now becomes: where does Golic go from here? He is one of the most relatable and liked hosts on radio, but is widely regarded as someone who needs an effective partner in order to really shine. He and Greenberg were the perfect combination for this very reason.

Golic balanced out Greenberg’s general lack of any opinions whatsoever, and Greenberg balanced out Golic’s hot takes.

The biggest frontrunners for Golic would seem to be Fox and Barstool Sports.

Fox Sports Radio already has a solid cast in place, but Golic is precisely the sort of name who would fit with its audience. Barstool, meanwhile, has been trying to legitimize its radio lineup since its inception, but suffers from a lack of quality at various points throughout the day. Golic could fix that, but he doesn’t exactly speak to Barstool’s audience.

The next few months should be interesting, but one way or the other, Golic should find another home sooner rather than later.

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