Mike Golic Hates Mike Greenberg

Mike Golic Hates Mike Greenberg

Mike Golic Hates Mike Greenberg

Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg were two of the best morning sports radio hosts of their generation. The pair’s partnership spanned two decades and redefined broadcasting in many ways.

Unfortunately, it did not end on a positive note.

This past week, Golic appeared on the Barstool Sports podcast Pardon My Take and opened up on the status of his relationship with his former radio partner.

Spoiler alert: it is not good.

“It did not end well, that’s pretty much been public,” he admitted.

“I was surprised it ended. The guy who was running ESPN at that time, John Skipper, ended it, and Greeny wanted to go do his own thing. So I was surprised it ended, and obviously it’s been pretty documented that I didn’t like the way that it ended.

“I would say, Greeny and I, we’ve seen each other since, but he does the morning show with ‘Get Up’ and I was doing the morning show, so we would have really no interaction in the morning. We always lived far away from one another, and outside of Mike & Mike, we never really hung out,” he continued.

“His kids weren’t even born when we started the show, so we never really had a lot in common, and I think that’s one of the things that helped make Mike & Mike work a little bit, is that we were so different. We have seen each other at Super Bowls – we’re cordial, but that’s pretty much it.”

Mike Golic Is Still Angry At Mike Greenberg

Again, this is a partnership that spanned almost 20 years. For things to be that cold between Golic and Greenberg after such a significant period of time speaks to how raw the wounds from the breakup still are.

And it is easy to see why Golic is so mad.

Greenberg is still all over ESPN’s daily lineup. He hosts ‘Get Up’ in the mornings and then has his own afternoon nationally syndicated radio show.

Golic, meanwhile, was put on an ice float and sent out to sea.

For it is worth, it doesn’t appear as though 57-year-old is done for good. There has been some chatter of him getting picked up by either Fox Sports or Barstool Sports for a daily radio gig. If either of those companies opt to bite, Golic could be back on the radio waves and competing with his old partner sooner rather than later.

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