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Michigan Will Beat Ohio State, Guarantees ESPN

Michigan Will Beat Ohio State, Guarantees ESPN

Michigan Will Beat Ohio State, Guarantees ESPN

Michigan will beat Ohio State, guarantees ESPN.

One of the most highly anticipated games of the looming college football weekend is Saturday’s showdown between the Buckeyes and Wolverines.

Over the past seven years Ohio State has absolutely dominated Michigan at every turn. This season, with the departure of Urban Meyer, some suggested that Michigan may finally ascend to the Big Ten throne and take over the conference.

That did not happen.

Ohio State has been just as dominant this year sans Meyer as they were with him, and the Buckeyes are currently the No. 1 team in the country.

Nevertheless, ESPN seems confident that Michigan will shock the world against Ohio State this weekend.

“I just have a feeling,” Mike Greenberg said on Get Up recently.

“Just look at the way these two teams are trying to look — look at the way Jim Harbaugh has this team playing since halftime in that game against Penn State.

“I have a feeling that this weekend is the weekend that Harbaugh climbs Mt. Columbus.”

Greenberg did not stop there, though.

“I’ll take it a step farther,” he continued.

“Harbaugh rewrites his entire narrative if he knocks this Ohio State team out of the playoff, which he might do.

“They might actually still make it with a loss against Michigan. But I’m telling you right now, he’s got a real good shot to beat them.”

Paul Finebaum also chipped in his take on the matter.

“I hope you’re right, because I’m out of Harbaugh material,” Finebaum added.

“I hope you’re right, because I’ve fired this guy like 19 times already! So, I hope you’re right.

“I said the same thing that you’re saying last year when they went to Columbus with a better team and then got smoked by Ohio State. That’s what makes me nervous.”

Will Michigan really shock the world and finally beat Ohio State this weekend?

We’ll find out soon enough.

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