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Michigan Football Will Be Terrible In 2020, Says Expert

Michigan Football Will Be Terrible In 2020, Says Expert

Michigan Football Will Be Terrible In 2020, Says Expert

Michigan football will be terrible in 2020, says an expert.

Coming into the 2019 college football season people had reasonably high hopes for the Wolverines.

The departure of Urban Meyer theoretically had opened the Big Ten up, and Jim Harbaugh was supposed to be the guy to step into his shoes.

Of course, that is not how things ended up going.

Ryan Day was ultimately the guy who stepped into Meyer’s shoes and Ohio State continued to dominate the conference much as they had for the past decade.

Michigan, meanwhile, finished the season 9-4 and got run over by Alabama in the Citrus Bowl.

The big question now is: what will happen next year?

Well, according to Dustin Schutte of Saturday Tradition, things could get very ugly for Michigan in 2020.

“Have you seen that schedule?” he wrote.

“Brutal. Michigan plays Washington, Wisconsin, Penn State, Michigan State, Minnesota and Purdue before the month of November.

“The Wolverines just won’t have the talent to be able to run through that kind of gauntlet without a few scratches.

“The 2020 version of Michigan might look an awful lot like the 2017 team.”

Schutte believes that when it is all said and done, the Wolverines will have three defeats on their record before November.

If that does end up happening, it is hard to envision a scenario where Harbaugh survives to 2021.

A big test for the program will be how it does against the Huskies in the season opener. A strong showing there would be good omen. A weak one would indicate that there is going to be a long season ahead.

This will be the year that defines Harbaugh’s legacy in Ann Arbor. Either he will rise to the occasion and earn a College Football Playoff slot while playing the hardest schedule of his career, or he will flame out in embarrassing fashion.

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