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Michigan Football Fans Deeply Annoyed With Jim Harbaugh

Michigan Football Fans Deeply Annoyed With Jim Harbaugh

This should have been the smoothest summer of Jim Harbaugh’s entire stint as Michigan’s head football coach.

Despite starting last season unranked, the Wolverines blew out Ohio State, won their first Big Ten Championship since 2003 and made the College Football Playoff. It was a near-perfect campaign.

Butt then came the offseason.

Harbaugh did a weird dance with the NFL where he made it seem like he was definitely leaving, only to subsequently return when it came out pro teams didn’t actually want him. Understandably, that made some at Michigan feel like they’re second-best.

Then things got even worse this week.

On Friday it emerged that Detroit native and five-star quarterback Dante Moore had chosen to join Oregon instead of committing to his hometown Wolverines. This was the second time Michigan failed to nab a big-name quarterback, having already missed on C.J. Carr.

Fans were not happy:

Harbaugh should have built up some decent goodwill after last season’s successes, but somehow he has managed to squander it all away in speedy fashion.

Look, the man has his merits. The way he handled an ‘Urban Meyer Situation’ was undeniably admirable. He’s a fun guy and experienced a lot of success with the San Francisco 49ers. And he has been okay at Michigan.

But yikes.

He really underdelivers when the lights shine bright.

Next season will be an interesting one for Harbaugh and the Wolverines.

Will they be able to build on last year’s momentum and become a consistent powerhouse in the Big Ten? Or was 2021 a fluke?

Time will tell.

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