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How Jim Harbaugh Handled An ‘Urban Meyer Situation’

How Jim Harbaugh Handled An ‘Urban Meyer Situation’

Urban Meyer found himself at the center of much controversy this weekend.

It began with the circulation of a fairly self-explanatory video starring him and unnamed blonde. Then things were kicked into overdrive when his wife, Shelley, responded to everything that happened on Twitter.

Later, just when it looked like things had calmed down, a troubling video showing Meyer’s precise hand placement on a woman that wasn’t his blushing bride made a fresh mess of things.

Meyer obviously fancies himself something of a leader of men. Naturally, this led many to wonder whether any other fella in similar position would’ve been able to resist the temptation that the Jacksonville Jaguars head coach obviously wasn’t able to withstand.

The answer: yes. In fact, one has to look no further than Meyer’s longtime rival – Michigan head football coach Jim Harbaugh.

Sound too good to be true? There’s more (via

How Jim Harbaugh Handled An ‘Urban Meyer Situation’ 1

Obviously Harbaugh has some flaws of his own. Namely being unable to beat Ohio State in any capacity whatsoever. But when he faced a test like one Meyer stared down this weekend – he passed with flying colors.

Between that and the crazy trick play he pulled off this past Saturday, it’s a great time to be Jim Harbaugh.

Urban Meyer, though? Not so much.

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