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Michigan Firing Jim Harbaugh After Latest Embarrassing Loss?

Michigan Firing Jim Harbaugh After Latest Embarrassing Loss?

Jim Harbaugh’s inability to win big games is a matter of public record at this point. A winless record against Ohio State speaks for itself, as does the state of perpetual upper middle class Big Ten mediocrity Michigan has lived in throughout his stint with the program.

But what happened on Saturday was different. The No. 13 ranked Wolverines entered their showdown against Michigan State as 21.5 point favorites following their dominant showing against Minnesota. They ended up losing 27-24.

Immediately and understandably, the calls for Harbaugh’s job began.

While Michigan is unlikely to fire Harbaugh midseason, the writing is on the wall. It’s time for a change. There is now an unescapable sense of inevitability. The Wolverines will have a new coach come next season. There is simply no other way this whole thing can end.

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