New Knicks Uniforms Leak Out, Get Criticized (Photos)

New Knicks Uniforms Leak Out, Get Criticized (Photos)

A fresh New York Knicks uniform design leaked online this week, earning a wide variety of reactions from team fans.

The jerseys appear to feature a “subway token” design with a circle surrounding the player numbers on the front and text within the circle reading: “City Never Sleeps New York Knicks.”

New Knicks Uniforms Leak Out, Get Criticized (Photos) 1

The uniforms seem to be all black, featuring an orange and blue gradient down the sides and in the lettering. Over the past three years, the Knicks’ City Edition jerseys have gone through several incarnations.

All in all the reactions to this leak were mixed, mostly ranging from negative to lukewarm.

Assuming this leak is legit, it will be interesting to see if any modifications are made to the uniforms between now and when they are officially announced. Some franchises have been known to take public sentiment into account and make alterations to unpopular elements.

That said, there is a very good chance that what you see with these jerseys is what you get.

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