Michael Jordan’s Potential Profit After Selling Hornets

Michael Jordan’s Potential Profit After Selling Hornets

Michael Jordan’s tenure as the owner of the Charlotte Hornets hasn’t been particularly successful on the court.

Not only has the organization cycled through five different head coaches during his time, but the team has also only made the playoffs twice.

This season, with a record of 22-49, Charlotte finds itself 14th in the Eastern Conference and staring down the barrel of another failed campaign.

That being said, while Jordan has not enjoyed much in the way of on-the-court success during his time as owner, he stands to profit tremendously off the court.

Jordan bought the then-Charlotte Bobcats for $180 million more than 13 years ago.

How much will he get when he sells it now? According to sports business insider Joe Pompliano, the Hornets are now worth $1.77 million. That’s is quite the come up, and doesn’t even include the premium NBA teams have been going for above their valuation as of late.

Factor in that the Hornets have a legitimate franchise superstar to put butts in seats now in LaMelo Ball, and you can see why Jordan will inevitably get an incredible return on his initial investment.

Jordan has obviously been in the headlines quite a lot as of late. Between photos of his wild birthday party leaking out and that new angle of his infamous Mary J. Blige hug coming out, it has been one thing after another.

The one thing the consensus GOAT hasn’t been able to makes the news for, unfortunately, is putting a winning basketball product on the court in Charlotte.

Maybe for that reason his move to potentially sell the club is best for all parties involved.

How much will Jordan ultimately be able to fetch when he sells the Hornets? An answer one way or the other will emerge soon enough.

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