Michael Jordan’s Honest Answer On Who’d Win 1-On-1 vs Allen Iverson

Michael Jordan’s Honest Answer On Who’d Win 1-On-1 vs Allen Iverson

Michael Jordan is one of the most confident athletes to ever be born. There is no challenge that he deems too great, and no foe that intimidates him in any way.

That is precisely what makes his comments about Allen Iverson so surprising.

A little more than 24 years ago, Iverson hit Jordan with one of the most iconic moves of all time – a crossover that sent reverberations throughout the entire league.

After the fact, Jordan was asked about that particular sequence.

“That was a great move,” Jordan said. “I’m never the type of guy that says, I can’t get shown up. I just try to limit those opportunities. So I’m not gonna try to make it a 1-on-1 between Allen Iverson and myself…

“He could beat me on the perimeter, but I could take him in the post. He’s a heck of a good player. He’s a young talent. He is gonna continue to get better once he learns how to play the game on a much higher scale. Right now, he’s doing a lot on physical ability. He’s good, he’s quick. That’s a challenge for me to go out to him and his stature. He’s so quick and small. But it’s a challenge I won’t back away.”

Considering how brutally honest Jordan could be, and how blunt he was when someone like Gary Payton tried to measure up to him, his openness in regards to Iverson was truly refreshing.

A classic example of real recognizing real.

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