Michael Jordan Picks Which NBA Player Is Comparable To Him

Michael Jordan Picks Which NBA Player Is Comparable To Him

Michael Jordan is in most people’s estimation the greatest NBA player of all time.

Between six championships with the Chicago Bulls, countless records and a legacy that has stood the test of time, nobody has been able to measure up to the standard that he set.

Until now.

This week Chris Broussard revealed that in a recent conversation with Jordan the Bulls legend told him which young NBA player he feels is most comparable to him.

The answer? Anthony Edwards of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

“I reached out to the GOAT today, he said there are similarities in their game,” Broussard said on First Thing’s First.

“He agreed. If Jordan says there are similarities, then there are similarities.”

People have been singing Edwards’ praises for quite some time. Not too long ago, Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant revealed that he believed Edwards and one other star would become the next faces of the league.

“[Edwards is] a team-builder,” Durant said at the time.

“Like his personality and demeanor is something you can build around and have people come into the gym and say, ‘Yo, be like that.’ Those are the ones. … Being a great teammate and bringing everybody with him. … There’s so many that I think can be that for franchises but off top: Ant and [Victor Wembanyama]. Those two for sure can be that.”

Clearly the NBA’s legends, both past and present, hold Edwards in very high regard.

Will Edwards’ career ultimately end up justifying the hype? Time will tell.

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