Kevin Durant On Who Will Be NBA’s Best Player In 10 Years

Kevin Durant On Who Will Be NBA’s Best Player In 10 Years

Kevin Durant weighed in on an interesting topic this past week: who he expects to see as the NBA’s best player in 10 years.

It goes without saying that Durant is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Because of his uniquely excellent credentials, he is specifically qualified to assess past, present and future NBA talent.

Plus, Durant has a certain propensity for keeping it real. Be it for naming who he thinks is the best player in the NBA today, revealing why some think he is a bad leader or openly flirting with an actress with no regard for who is watching – the Phoenix Suns star always says and does whatever he wants.

That is what made his take on who he views as the future of the NBA in a decade all the more intriguing.

“[Ten] years, so that’s what… [2034] … Victor. … Wembanyama,” Durant said.

In addition to the San Antonio Spurs star, Durant also highlighted Minnesota Timberwolves swingman Anthony Edwards.

“[Edwards is] a team-builder,” Durant noted.

“Like his personality and demeanor is something you can build around and have people come into the gym and say, ‘Yo, be like that.’ Those are the ones. … Being a great teammate and bringing everybody with him. … There’s so many that I think can be that for franchises but off top: Ant and Vic. Those two for sure can be that.”

Durant is right more than he is wrong when it comes to his hoops analysis.

It will be interesting to see if his predictions about Wembanyama’s and Edwards’ standings within the NBA in 10 years ultimately come to fruition.

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