Medical Experts’ Blunt Opinion Of LeBron James’ Injury

Medical Experts’ Blunt Opinion Of LeBron James’ Injury

LeBron James has been out of action for the past 10 games with a high ankle sprain. The Lakers have gone 4-6 in his absence and currently sit fifth in the West.

The prognosis on his return has been largely mixed.

Some suggest a comeback is right around the corner. Others think it’s a little more questionable.

Fortunately, this week, some experts weighed in.

Their take was very interesting.

In a conversation with Mark Medina of USA Today, several prominent physicians suggested that James would likely come back fine from his ailment.

“I expect when he completely heals, he should be just like who he was before he got hurt,” said Dr. David Geier, an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist. “So short term, bad news. Long term, good news.”

He was not alone in that assessment.

“Once you rehab these injuries, there’s typically very little disability,” said Dr. Michael Castro, an orthopedic surgeon and foot/ankle specialist with Summit Orthopedics. “For the garden variety without any overlying instability, high ankle sprains can heal and not really result in any prolonged disability. The best you can do is give it adequate time to heal and for it to become stable.”

The fact that James will likely return to the lineup good as new is great for the defending champs.

Between a former Laker getting busted attacking his girlfriend on camera and the ongoing drama surrounding Marc Gasol, this has been a rough week for the franchise.

Hopefully James can return to form soon and help the organization change its luck around in the coming weeks and months.

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