McKayla Maroney’s New Wild Videos Cause A Stir Among Fans

McKayla Maroney’s New Wild Videos Cause A Stir Among Fans

McKayla Maroney’s new wild videos caused a stir among her fans this week.

Maroney, 27, is widely regarded as one of the most beloved and popular gymnastics of her generation.

As an integral part of the “Fierce Five” American squad, Maroney took home both an individual silver and team gold in the 2012 Olympics.

Along the way, she is also built up a massive following that has continued to support her to this day. Whereas someone like LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne sets the internet ablaze nowadays over her wild locker room videos, Maroney was the OG when it came to that sort of content.

Over the years Maroney has gone viral for everything from her racy selfies to her provocative outfits to her poolside pictures. In recent months, however, she has noticeably shied away from posting on social media.

Many noticed this, but didn’t quite realize why.

This week, Maroney addressed the matter.

“I know I haven’t been posting at all… [I don’t know] what happened, but something just switched in me and I’m so uninterested at the idea of taking and posting photos of myself,” she wrote.

“Used to be something I had fun doing. Now I can’t even stomach it. That sounds so dramatic.

“When my passion just randomly dies for something, usually it’s because God wants me to focus on other things, but it’s been lasting for months now and I’m not feeling like it’s going to be changing anytime soon. So let me just change up the content yah?! I have this platform and it makes me feel guilty when I don’t use it for good.”

The reactions to her post were overwhelmingly positive.

“I love this. Thank you,” one fan wrote.

“Keep it coming, love this content,” another agreed.

After getting such a good reaction to her original message, Maroney doubled down with a couple of wild videos that fit the theme of what she was talking about.


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A post shared by McKayla Maroney (@mckaylamaroney)

Obviously some fans will miss Maroney posting things like her provocative photos and wild videos with Aly Raisman, but clearly she is enjoying doing what she is doing now.

And that is what is most important.

Maroney built her social media following from scratch, and she deserves the right to dictate what it will be used for.

What will Maroney ultimately go viral for next? Time will tell.

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