Mavericks Legend Dirk Nowitzki Shares 1 Big Problem With NBA Today

Mavericks Legend Dirk Nowitzki Shares 1 Big Problem With NBA Today

Dirk Nowitzki is the greatest international NBA star of all time and one of the best to ever play the game.

Because of his lengthy list of accomplishments and achievements, Nowitzki finds himself in a certain rarified air. He can speak with a level of authority and experience on topics that few can match.

Sometimes Nowitzki opts to simply focus on the positive, whereas other times he can also offer a more critical perspective.

Recently, the former Dallas Mavericks star revealed his one big issue with the NBA today.

“We always felt like we the players didn’t have enough power at the beginning of my career, and the owners had all the power, could make all the moves,” he said on The Crossover NBA Show with Chris Mannix and Howard Beck.

“And now it’s almost shifting like a little bit too much. I think there should be like a happy medium. But now the players forcing themselves out, to me is not the way to go, either.”

Nowitzki didn’t stop there.

“I was old school,” he continued. “I don’t want to sit here and judge these guys that are doing that. I think everybody has to know what’s best for themselves, for their career, for their brand—you know, everybody has a brand now — and what’s best for their family.

“For me, it was staying in Dallas. It worked out great there. And I’ve had my family there and I loved it and I grew into that community. So that’s something that just worked for me. But of course, I get it. It’s not for everybody.”

Nowitzki generally makes it a point to call it how he sees it.

Whether he is explaining why he’s not friends with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade or revealing the one NBA player who gave him the most trouble – Nowitzki always keeps it real.

And that’s precisely what he did here.

Some will agree with Nowitzki’s take on the NBA’s current state of affairs. Others will not. But either way, you have to appreciate that he loves and cares about the game enough to offer it.

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