Matt Barnes Running For Mayor Of Sacramento

Matt Barnes Running For Mayor Of Sacramento

Matt Barnes Running For Mayor Of Sacramento

Matt Barnes is running for Mayor of Sacramento of California if things like up properly for him in the near future.

Barnes spoke with Sean Cunningham of KXTV recently and expounded on what his goals for the future truly are.

“Sacramento will always be my heart,” he said.

“I eventually wanna come back there one day and possibly run for mayor. Keeping things in perspective, I loved my time there. I appreciate the fans, I love it there and [I’m] looking to move back there one day and have that be my final resting spot.

“[I saw] Kevin Johnson do it,” he continued.

“Keeping a close eye on him and talking with him and talking with his cabinet at the beginning. It wasn’t so much about the politics of the game, I just loved what he did for the city.

“There’s a lot of stuff I’m doing behind the scenes that people don’t know for the city because I love the city so much. Hopefully one day, whether 10 or 15 years down the road, once my business stuff slows down and my kids get a little bit older, I can move to Sacramento and possibly do that.”

Will Barnes end up running for mayor when it is all said and done? Time will tell.

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