Marty Mush Done At Barstool Sports After Ria Debacle?

Marty Mush Done At Barstool Sports After Ria Debacle?

Two prominent Barstool Sports personalities found themselves in the headlines this weekend.

Marty Mush, whose real name is Matthew Cahill, and Ria, whose real name is Maria Ciuffo, went mega-viral on Saturday night when photos of them canoodling blew up on Reddit and Twitter.

Why was this a big deal?

Because Ria previously dated respected Barstool personality Hank Lockwood, with whom Mush was presumed to be friends. Their decision to shack up together after an alleged agreement between Ria and Hank not to date coworkers was seen as a slap in the face for Hank, who has developed a loyal following over the years due to his dedication to the Barstool brand.

In the immediate aftermath, two of Barstool’s most respected and popular personalities, Dave Portnoy and Dan ‘Big Cat’ Katz, came out and criticized Mush. They essentially said that while they wouldn’t punish anyone else who worked with Mush, they were personally done associating with him.

Marty Mush Done At Barstool Sports After Ria Debacle? 1

This was seen as something of a kiss of death, seeing as Mush has no discernible talents and primarily survived at Barstool by seemingly leaching off more prominent personalities.

Ria, because she cohosts a semi-known podcast not aimed at Barstool’s core fans, was seen as less impacted by the backlash.

It will be interesting to see where this situation ultimately goes. At the moment, everyone seems to be universally on Hank’s side. That includes Tom Brady, the greatest quarterback of all time:

When you take into account Portnoy’s bizarre sexy time preferencesthe Barstool CEO going YOLO on her marriage and some of their once well-regarded personalities getting exiled into obscurity after leaving the company – it’s one crazy situation after another with those guys.

This company stays in the drama, nonstop.

How will this particular saga eventually end? With Mush gone, undoubtedly. There is no way he can survive at this point.

Will Ria follow him out the door? Maybe. Or maybe (probably) they’ll be long broken-up at that point and her departure won’t be necessary.

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