What Has Muj Fricke Done After Leaving Barstool? Not Much

What Has Muj Fricke Done After Leaving Barstool? Not Much

What Has Muj Fricke Done After Leaving Barstool? Not Much

Back in July, Muj Fricke quit Barstool Sports because he felt it would be “pathetic” to “support and work for those whose beliefs so staunchly oppose my own.”

In particular, he seemed to be especially offended by repeated controversies surrounding founder Dave Portnoy. This was right around the time Portnoy’s infamous Colin Kaepernick and Ja Rule videos resurfaced.

Fricke’s decision was ultimately met with some backlash because folks found his issues with Barstool to be disingenuous.

Much in the same way Portnoy used a racial slur while reciting song lyrics, screenshotted tweets seemed to indicate that Fricke had at one point done the same.

So what has Fricke been up to since departing arguably the fastest growing sports media company in America? Based on his social media accounts, not much.

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Ever since publicly quitting Barstool Sports in a very dramatic way back on July 3, his Twitter activity seems limited to retweeting various political, hip hop, video game and sports videos and graphics.

He doesn’t seem to be putting out any notable original content of his own, despite describing himself as a Content Creator in his bio.

The LinkedIn for “Muj Fricke” lists “Producer at Barstool Sports” as his “Experience” and lists him as a current employee of the company.

On Instagram, Fricke’s last post came three months ago. His second-to-last post is him sitting in front of the Barstool Sports logo, presumably in their office.

When Fricke quit Barstool Sports, he called on everyone to follow his brand new Twitch account. The same Twitch account is referenced in his Twitter bio. Weirdly enough, when you go to that link, this is all you find:

What Has Muj Fricke Done After Leaving Barstool?
What Has Muj Fricke Done After Leaving Barstool?

It is certainly possible that Fricke is up to some really cool stuff that simply isn’t easily accessible anywhere online, but a quick scan turns up nothing.

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Why Does It Even Matter What Muj Fricke Is Up To?

Fricke’s status doesn’t matter, really. It is just an interesting case study for what happens when someone seemingly on the upswing professionally quits over things that are mostly just controversial on Twitter.

Outside of Twitter and people who follow its happenings closely, nobody cared about what Portnoy said. That is why he is still at Barstool Sports and two people who are on Twitter a lot are gone.

Right around the time Fricke opted to leave, Dan ‘Big Cat’ Katz had seemingly taken him under his wing. And if there is one coaching tree you want to be a part of at Barstool, it’s his. So essentially Fricke left this ideal scenario because of some Twitter outrage, and on the surface at least, it does not seem like he has much to show for it.

What Has Muj Fricke Done After Leaving Barstool?
What Has Muj Fricke Done After Leaving Barstool?

Again, it is very possible that Fricke is working on some secret awesome fun non-internet stuff and is very happy with his decision. If that is the case, more power to him.

But if that’s not the case, then there is probably a lesson in there somewhere.

Twitter outrage comes and goes – don’t make decisions based off it. A steady job with a lot of upward potential is not something you want to throw away to appease random folks on the internet.

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