Marcus Smart’s Blunt Reaction To Celtics Trying To Trade Him

Marcus Smart’s Blunt Reaction To Celtics Trying To Trade Him

The Boston Celtics were expected to be serious players ahead of this past week’s NBA Trade Deadline.

Various scenarios ran amok that saw Danny Ainge turn water into wine, save his team’s season, and secure another NBA championship.

Then the NBA Trade Deadline came and went and the only thing Boston had to show for it was acquiring Evan Fournier and trading away Jayson Tatum’s best friend. Naturally, that left fans a little salty.

That was one byproduct of the Celtics’ failures last week.

The other? The front office ended up offering up some of its big names in trade scenarios, then retaining them, which always makes for an odd situation.

One such player?

Marcus Smart.

This weekend, Smart was asked regarding how he felt hearing his name being floated in potential trades.

“I’ve been here seven years,” Smart told Keith Smith of Yahoo Sports. “My name is mentioned in trade talks every year. You prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. But I wasn’t really concerned.”

That’s probably a healthy attitude. Or least a healthier one than exhibited by Ainge, who recently went on a bizarre rant about his team’s struggles, and team owner Wyc Grousbeck, who blamed a former star for his franchise’s woes.

Obviously Boston still has time to right the ship, but based on what the team is showing right now, it’s hard to see how that happens.

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