Madden NFL 20 Predicts Chiefs vs 49ers Winner

Madden NFL 20 Predicts Chiefs vs 49ers Winner

Madden NFL 20 Predicts Chiefs vs 49ers Winner

Madden NFL 20 predicted the Chiefs vs 49ers winner recently.

Just days out from Super Bowl LIV between Kansas City and San Francisco, EA finally released the prognostication from its world-famous video game for how Sunday will go.

According to the Madden NFL 20 simulation, the Chiefs will emerge from Sunday’s big outing victorious.

Led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City will apparently beat the Niners 35-31.

Generally EA releases its big prediction fairly early, but this time around for some reason the video game company waited until the Thursday before the Super Bowl to make its pick.

EA has gotten the Super Bowl prediction right 10 out of the last 16 times, but it ha been on a bit of a dry run recently.

Last year, Madden NFL 19 got everything wrong starting with the winner to the winner against the spread to the over/under.

This has been a continuing trend since 2014, when Madden got just two of its predictions right for Super Bowl XLVIII between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos.

That said, Madden NFL 16 absolutely nailed Super Bowl XLIX, not only correctly picking the New England Patriots to win the championship, but even getting the final score of 28-24 right.

Will Madden be victorious this time around?

We’ll get our answer one way or the other come Sunday afternoon.

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