Luka Doncic Names Golden State Warriors’ Key Player (Video)

Luka Doncic Names Golden State Warriors’ Key Player (Video)

Luka Doncic has been arguably the most impressive player in the NBA playoffs thus far.

Few had the Dallas Mavericks reaching the conference finals, and the vast majority of their success can be attributed to the incredible performance Doncic has consistently put on.

Ahead of his team’s looming Western Conference Finals showdown against the Golden State Warriors, Doncic got reflective.

In a session with the media, he gave his surprising pick for who the Warriors’ best player is.

“I have so much respect for Draymond,” he said.

“Obviously Klay and Steph, you know, [are] incredible offensive guys. But I think the key to the Warriors team is Draymond. He is just unbelievable. I just really respect him — everything he does. Obviously, no disrespect, but he’s not the best offensive guy. But he impacts the game in every other category. I really have a lot of respect for his game.”

That’s quite the compliment.

Whether he is mocking fans’ teeth, posterizing Lil Wayne or destroying his rivals with two-word insults – Doncic generally keeps it pretty real. So if he is saying all this about Green, you know he means it.

It will be interesting to see how Green, a notoriously prickly character when he is facing off against someone, will respond to Doncic’s honey-over-vinegar approach to dealing with him.

Who will ultimately prevail between Dallas and Golden State when it’s all said and done? An answer will emerge in the coming days and weeks.

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