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LSU vs Ohio State Not Even Close, Says ESPN

LSU vs Ohio State Not Even Close, Says ESPN

LSU vs Ohio State Not Even Close, Says ESPN

LSU vs Ohio State is not even close, says ESPN.

Coming out of this weekend it is clear that the two best teams in the nation are LSU and Ohio State.

Clemson is very solid as well, obviously, but the defending champions have not been tested by anyone real so far this year.

The debate between who is better out of LSU and Ohio State has gotten very heated in recent weeks, and most people believe the two programs are very close to one another.

Interestingly enough, Mike Greenberg of ESPN is not one of the many people who think that.

Greenberg believes that LSU is clearly the No. 1 team in the nation until the Tigers actually lose a game.

“Ohio State may well be the best team in the country. Or maybe Clemson is,” he said.

“But that shouldn’t matter. What LSU has accomplished this season is greater. That is what sports are supposed to be about. LSU should be number one until they lose a game.”

Its tough to argue with the logic. While Ohio State has defeated Penn State, Wisconsin and Michigan, LSU has defeated Alabama, Florida, Auburn and Texas.

Whose wins are more impressive depend on how you view all those schools.

Either way, though, one way or another we will find out who the best team in the college football is over the next few weeks.

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