Lions, Patriots Working On Matthew Stafford Trade?

Lions, Patriots Working On Matthew Stafford Trade?

Lions, Patriots Working On Matthew Stafford Trade?

Are the Lions and Patriots working on a Matthew Stafford trade?

While Tom Brady has yet to make a decision on his NFL future, it is looking increasingly likely that he is leaving New England.

It may be to the Tennessee Titans. It may be to the Los Angeles Chargers. One way or the other, it appears almost inevitable at this stage that Brady is going elsewhere.

So where does that leave the Patriots at quarterback?

According to ESPN broadcaster Max Kellerman, it may just leave them with Stafford.

Appearing on First Take today, Kellerman suggested that New England work out a trade of some sort with the Lions.

“[The Patriots] should go and get Matthew Stafford,” he said.

“Stafford was great this year before he got hurt. He was great, he wasn’t okay, he was great.

“He was at an MVP-caliber. Stafford has always been a top-five talent and he’s never quite gotten those results. Give him to Bill Belichick and let’s see what happens.”

Detroit head coach Matt Patricia is coaching for his job this year, so he would have to get a pretty significant return on investment in order to trade away his starting quarterback.

That said, the Lions have the No. 3 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Theoretically they could trade Stafford away and then just take Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa or Oregon’s Justin Herbert.

If they could get a bunch of quality assets for Stafford, the deal could make sense.

Up to this point Detroit has been steadfast in its insistence that Stafford is not going anywhere. Will Bill Belichick be able to change their mind? Time will tell.

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  1. It would be some dumbass move just like the Lions always do, go for it let Stafford have his moment in the Sun God bless that guy don’t let Detroit ruin all of his career, like Chuck long, Andre Ware, Rodney Peete, Barry Sanders etc etc etc

  2. Max Kellerman is an idiot! How ESPN continues to employ him is unfathomable. He has no concept of factual information. Yesterday he said Patriots should have kept Brady and Garrapolo. 50 million cap hit in 2 players…good thing he doesn’t run a NFL franchise! His hot takes aren’t even hot, they are moronic at best.

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