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Lions And Dolphins Working On Major Trade?

Lions And Dolphins Working On Major Trade?

Lions And Dolphins Working On Major Trade?

Are the Lions and Dolphins working on a major trade?

Former Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is widely considered to be one of the two best quarterbacks available in the 2020 NFL Draft.

With LSU’s Joe Burrow a virtual lock to be selected by the Cincinnati Bengals with the top overall pick, the big question is now who will take Tagovailoa.

Miami has been closely linked to Tagovailoa for more than a year now, but the Dolphins have the number five overall pick.

It is very possible that Tagovailoa will be off the board by that point.

The Bengals, Washington Redskins, Detroit Lions and New York Giants all pick before the Dolphins do.

Recently, Matt Miller of the Bleacher Report proposed a way for Miami to take some uncertainty out of the equation.

It would involve the Dolphins trading their number five and number twenty six overall picks to Detroit in return for the number three pick.

That would secure Tagovailoa to Miami.

If everything were to go according to plan, then Cincinnati would take Burrow, Washington would take Ohio State defensive end Chase Young and the Dolphins would get their quarterback of the future.

Miller would then have New York selecting Clemson linebacker Isaiah Simmons and Detroit taking Auburn defensive tackle Derrick Brown.

A lot of this also depends Tagovailoa’s health right around draft time. He is currently recovering from his season-ending hip injury and is expected to return to form in the coming months.

Presuming Tagovailoa bounces back the way everyone expects him to, this is a trade that makes sense all involved.

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Anthony Amador

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  1. As a High function Autistic, I have developed 50+ hockey theories like Homeplate, Cup Core roster theory ( VGK selected 100% of players avail in expansion draft that fit my theory). I apply my Beautiful Mind/ Accountant (My award winning Sports page Editor wife labels it) thoughts to Football as well.

    I went and looked at pick packages that often go over 2- 3 draft yrs to step up to take a QB.
    It is not a 1 to 1 ratio as Matt Miller is expressing. Terrible logic! It is 25-35% bump.
    Pick 3 2200 x 1.35 = 2970 pts; 2200 x 1.30= 2750
    5/1700; 26/700; 56/340; 70/240 = 2980 is a fair/realistic value.
    Though Miami could argue over 2 draft yr and go with 5/26/56 and 3rd in 2021.

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