LeBron James’ Twin Brother Attends Lakers Game (Photos)

LeBron James’ Twin Brother Attends Lakers Game (Photos)

The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Houston Rockets 95-85 on Sunday night.

With the victory, LA moved to 4-3 on the year.

Interestingly enough, however, the Lakers’ newfound momentum wasn’t the biggest story coming out of this weekend.

Rather, what everyone couldn’t stop talking about was the fact that a guy who looked exactly like LeBron James showed up to the Rockets game.

The photos speak for themselves:

LeBron James’ Twin Brother Attends Lakers Game (Photos) 1

Fan reaction was swift:

It got so big that even James himself weighed in:

Big picture, the Lakers have been on a rollercoaster so far this season. They have lost games, gotten into fights with fans and suffered unfortunate injuries.

Luckily, the tide seems to be turning.

Can LA keep building on the momentum they’ve established over the last couple of days? Time will tell.

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