LeBron James Tried To Fight A Fan After Latest Lakers Loss

LeBron James Tried To Fight A Fan After Latest Lakers Loss

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers suffered an unfortunate 133-115 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on Tuesday night.

Despite 46 points from James, the Lakers simply had nothing for the Clippers on either end of the court and are now 22-26 for the year and sit 13th in the Western Conference.

After the outing, tensions were very high.

A fan, for whatever reason, decided to pour gasoline on the fire by trolling James in obnoxious fashion.

“Hey LeBron, you better get this sh*t together with that receding-a** hairline,” the fan yelled.

“Look, he mad, look at him! You sick!”

Understandably, James didn’t take kindly to that. Ultimately, security had to hold him back from engaging with the fan in any substantive capacity.

The reactions to this incident from NBA Twitter were largely what you would expect.

This isn’t the first time a Laker tried to fight a fan in recent months. That said, it’s a bit different to see James lose it in this manner.

The Lakers are obviously very bad right now and it is leading to a lot of ill will from everyone.

Will they be able to get back on track at some point in the foreseeable future and actually restore some semblance of respectability to the franchise?

Time will tell.

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