LeBron James Sends Bronny A Birthday Message

LeBron James Sends Bronny A Birthday Message

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Miami Heat in Game 4 of the 2020 NBA Finals on Tuesday night.

But before that happened, LeBron took a moment earlier in the day to wish a very happy birthday to his son, Bronny, who turned 16.

“Happy 16 kid,” he wrote.

“1 of a kind and I’ve loved every second of your existence so far in your young promising life! You’re SPECIAL kid (always know that)! Continue to grow and continue to lead your generation to heights maybe you didn’t even think was possible because you guys are simply that SPECIAL!!

“Thank you for allowing me to be your inspiration, leader, listener, mediator, as well as many more things but most importantly simply being YOUR DAD! Love you kid until the wheels fall off and when they do we push the car to our destination side by side! Enjoy your day, your existence, your LIFE!! Live.Laugh.Learn.Love!”

LeBron and Bronny have always seemed remarkably close, and it is good to see that hasn’t changed in light of recent events.

Last month, a video went viral of Bronny seemingly lighting up a blunt while LeBron was off in the NBA Bubble.

Then there was that whole TikTok thing, which didn’t seem like a big deal, but Twitter had a strong reaction to.

Despite it all, though, LeBron continues to be the same supporting and loving dad he always was.

Although he is obviously extremely focused on winning his fourth NBA Championship, he is not too focused to wish his boy a happy birthday.

Bronny, meanwhile, is handling a lot more business than most kids his age.

He is currently playing for Sierra Canyon School and is the 30th ranked player in the 2023 recruiting class.

Beyond that, he is also a content creator for esports team FaZe Clan.

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