LeBron James’ Role In Getting Kevin Love To Lakers

LeBron James’ Role In Getting Kevin Love To Lakers

Kevin Love enjoyed a very beneficial partnership with LeBron James when both were members of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Now that he is on the outs with the organization, naturally, many are wondering if a reunion is looming.

Over the past few weeks, multiple reports have linked Love to the Los Angeles Lakers. Despite having two years and nearly $60 million left on his existing deal, Love is on increasingly tenuous grounds with the Cavaliers. The front office’s moves up to this point suggest a desire to relegate the 32-year-old to a bench role and prioritize giving playing time to the team’s younger stars.

A buyout, at this juncture, feels inevitable.

During a recent appearance on SiriusXM NBA Radio, former Cavaliers assistant coach James Posey opened up about the role James would play in getting Love to the Lakers.

“He knows what it takes to win, and also just now with him being the older statesman on the team, just showing his leadership value,” Posey said.

“I just think for an opportunity for him to win another championship, I think teams should look into getting Kevin Love. For him, I think he would be a totally different player just by understanding those things as far as what he brings to the team. Just like I said, learning earlier from LeBron James and his leadership, and also showing his growth and maturity. So physically and mentally, if he’s able, and he’s all right with that, he should be a great player for any team.”

Not long ago James sent Love a special gift as a token of his gratitude for their friendship. So it makes sense that people believe he’d also try his best to bring him to LA.

This clearly isn’t the first time Love has been linked to the Lakers. In the past, however, it was believed that he could be included in a trade involving a couple of other big names. Since those big names have moved on in recent months, the prospect of that occurring seems unlikely.

Love obviously has a first choice in terms of teams he’d love to end up with – and it isn’t the Lakers. But as far as Plan B’s go, he could do a lot worse.

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