Kevin Love Set To Land With Lakers?

Kevin Love Set To Land With Lakers?

The Los Angeles Lakers have undergone a major reshaping over the past week. Out are Kyle Kuzma, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Montrezl Harrell – in are Russell Westbrook, Kendrick Nunn and Carmelo Anthony.

One thing that a lot of LA’s new signings have in common is that they’re veterans. Anthony is 37 years old, Trevor Ariza is 36, Dwight Howard is 35, Wayne Ellington is 33, Kent Bazemore is 32 and Westbrook is 32. Clearly these guys aren’t spry chickens.

Seeing as the Lakers haven’t been afraid to go this route, many are now wondering if perhaps another big-name star on the wrong side of age 32 might be Los Angeles-bound.

That player? Kevin Love.

As noted by Jason Reed of FanSided’s LakeShow Life, Love to LA makes sense for all parties involved.

“Kevin Love does have two more seasons under contract in Cleveland but as we saw with Detroit and Blake Griffin, a two-year buyout is definitely possible,” he wrote. “With Evan Mobley now on the roster, Love is only taking minutes from the young core that is the future of the team. He does not help Cleveland at all anymore.”

Love’s positive relationship with LeBron James only increases the odds of something happening.

“Being a former teammate of LeBron is a natural in for Kevin Love,” Reed continued. “Players not only have to get used to the way that LeBron plays the game but all of the added attention that surrounds a LeBron team as well. We have seen teams trade away role players that just did not mesh well with what LeBron wanted to do in the past.

“Love knows exactly what it takes to be on a LeBron-led team and still seems to have a good relationship with James. That is not the only connection that Love has on the Lakers, though. Love was teammates with Russell Westbrook at UCLA and those two seem to still have a great relationship as well.”

Love obviously has been very vocal about wanting to end up with one particular team, but that’s just not a viable option right now. The Lakers are the next best thing. He and James really do have a tight bond, as shown by the fact that the latter sent the former a very special gift not long ago.

It’s also worth remembering that the Lakers and Cavaliers have had conversations regarding a Love trade in the past – it just happened to involve more players.

One way or another, it seems clear now that Love isn’t long for Cleveland. They have too much money tied up in too many younger players who do the same thing. Where will he ultimately end up when it’s all said and done? Time will tell.

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