LeBron James Repeatedly Bashes His Head After Nuggets Loss

LeBron James Repeatedly Bashes His Head After Nuggets Loss

LeBron James was not happy with the Los Angeles Lakers’ 114-106 loss on Tuesday night.

Although his team managed to make it somewhat close at the end, it was an objectively all-around lousy performance by LA for the majority of the outing.

Had they won, the series would have been over. No one comes back from being down 0-3 in a best of seven NBA series. Now, the Nuggets are very much alive.

Following the loss, James expressed his displeasure by repeatedly banging his head.

James finished with 30 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds in the losing effort.

After the game, the Lakers star offered some insight into what happened in Game 3.

“They played better than us, more aggressive than us, for three quarters … We played some pretty good ball in the fourth quarter, but those first 36 minutes, that hurt us obviously,” he said.

Anthony Davis, meanwhile, owned up to his own ineffectiveness in the outing. He finished the game with only two rebounds in 43 minutes of action.

“Have to do a better job on the glass personally,” he said.

“I can’t have two rebounds for an entire game. I mean, there’s not really much I can say. I just have to do better.”

Game 4 between the Lakers and Nuggets is scheduled for Thursday.

A win there and all of Tuesday night’s head banging will be forgotten.

A loss – and suddenly the Nuggets will start looking very, very scary.

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