Max Kellerman Sparks Outrage With ‘Right Wing Agitators’ Comment

Max Kellerman Sparks Outrage With ‘Right Wing Agitators’ Comment

Max Kellerman sparked outrage on Tuesday morning when he accused “extremist right-wing agitators” of participating in violent protests across America.

Kellerman made the comments during a segment on ESPN’s First Take while discussing recent statements made by UFC welterweight Colby Covington.

Kellerman took issue with a series of political jabs made by Covington following his big win over Tyron Woodley last Saturday night.

“First of all, a few of the things he said when he talks about like Black Lives Matter — 93 percent of the protests are peaceful,” he said.

“The vast, overwhelming majority [of BLM gatherings] are peaceful. And by the way, the seven percent that are not, they have a very broad definition of what’s not quote, unquote ‘peaceful.’

“Like, if you block traffic or something like that. Or if you respond to police provocation. And even then, a big percentage of that that wasn’t peaceful is actually extremist right-wing agitators posing as protesters in order to make the protests look bad.”

After his dominant victory, Covington called out “woke” athletes in a lengthy monologue.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the silent majority is ready to make some noise,” he said during his post-fight interview.

“If you thought that was a beating, wait until November 3 when Donald Trump gets his hands on sleepy Joe [Biden]. That’s going to be a landslide. I want to dedicate this fight to all the first responders, all the military out there. This world would not be safe without you guys, you keep us safe.”

At that point, he turned his attention to LeBron James, who he referred to as a “spineless coward.”

“Not these athletes, man,” Covington continued.

“I’m sick of these woke athletes and these spineless cowards like LeBron James. And speaking of spineless cowards, Marty Fake Newsman, Street Judas, we got unfinished business.”

Kellerman’s rant was met with mixed reactions on Twitter.

As of Tuesday afternoon, ESPN has yet to comment on Kellerman’s statements.

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  1. How long is ESPN going to put up with Kellerman? This is a GDed sports show. Right wing agitators, stupid redneck SEC fans, etc. Who CARES what this bloated egomaniac asshole THINKS about anything BUT sports. Put a smile on many faces (like 1/2 your audience + Stephan A. Smith!) and flush Kellerman out of the building and off the air.

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