LeBron James Reacts To Russell Westbrook’s Savannah IG Comment

LeBron James Reacts To Russell Westbrook’s Savannah IG Comment

Much has been made about the relationship between LeBron James and Russell Westbrook. The former is seen as having an instrumental role in the latter becoming a Los Angeles Laker in the first place.

Because of Westbrook’s struggles in L.A. this past season, there has been talk of his bond with LeBron being frayed.

This week, an exchange between the pair on social media answered a lot of questions regarding where they stand off the court.

On Thursday, LeBron and his wife Savannah went viral over their appearance at a recent movie premiere. Savannah’s outfit, in particular, was a hot topic of conversation.

That’s where Westbrook decided to weigh in on Instagram:

LeBron James Reacts To Russell Westbrook’s Savannah IG Comment 1

LeBron spotted that comment and reacted immediately:

LeBron James Reacts To Russell Westbrook’s Savannah IG Comment 2

Clearly things are fine between these two. There is no other logical takeaway from their open interaction on Instagram. When LeBron beefs with people – they’re dead to him. He doesn’t acknowledge them at all.

That’s obviously not the case here.

Westbrook has been very open and honest regarding why it’s tough to play alongside LeBron.

LeBron, meanwhile, hasn’t shied away from expressing his frustration with Westbrook’s struggles over the course of 2021-22.

But that’s all hoops-related stuff. Off the court, they seem to be in a totally healthy and fine place.

As things stand, four teams are willing to take Westbrook off the Lakers’ hands this summer – at a fairly steep price. A deal here would be necessary for the front office to have a legitimate shot at any of the three players on their current offseason wish list.

But even if nothing materializes on that front, it seems like all parties involved feel good enough about each other to run it back.

Will LeBron, Westbrook and the Lakers be able to build on these good vibes and fix what ailed them last season?

Time will tell.

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