LeBron James Makes An Interesting Point About Anthony Davis Help

LeBron James Makes An Interesting Point About Anthony Davis Help

The Los Angeles Lakers fell to the Phoenix Suns on Sunday night 123-113.

LeBron James finished with 28 points, 12 assists and eight rebounds in the losing effort.

Anthony Davis had 22 points and 14 rebounds.

After the game, James sat down with the media and offered some interesting thoughts on how L.A. needs to give Davis help on the defensive end.

“[The Suns] spread your defense out a lot so you’re out on the perimeter a lot, you’re contesting a lot of threes,” James said.

“We got to do a better job as the guards and forwards of coming back and trying to crash to help AD. There’s a lot of long rebounds, a lot of rebounds went over AD’s head and Nurk was able to push him up underneath the rim and get the majority of his offensive rebounds.

“Royce O’Neal had a couple crashing in from the corners, I don’t think we talked about that enough before the game and had a point of emphasis of him crashing. So we’ll do a better of that going forward. But we’ve been better with that as of late, today it hurt us. But we’ve been better.”

The Lakers could have potentially added a talented defender who could help Davis in the way James is describing here, but Darvin Ham ultimately vetoed that move.

Now L.A. has to make due with what they have.

As things presently stand, the Lakers are 31-28 and sit ninth in the Western Conference.

That isn’t great.

Neither is losing on nights when James, Davis and D’Angelo Russell are each pitching in at least 20 points.

Both offensively and defensively the Lakers leave a lot to be desired every night, and it is a shame they can’t seem to figure things out for whatever reason.

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