LeBron James Fans Pissed At Kyrie Irving Over Latest Comment

LeBron James Fans Pissed At Kyrie Irving Over Latest Comment

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant teaming up on the Brooklyn Nets is one of the more intriguing storylines heading into next season.

Because of Durant’s injury and Irving’s iffy health this past year, they could not play together in 2019-20. That will change next season, and a lot of folks are excited about it.

Irving is as enthusiastic as anyone, and he opened up about why while appearing on The Etcs Podcast this past week.

“This is the first time in my career I can look down and be like that motherf***er can make that shot too,” Irving said.

Obviously, LeBron James fans did not take kindly to that. James and Irving played together and ultimately won a championship side by side with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

James and Irving famously had some squabbles during their time in Cleveland, but later seemingly mended their relationship.

A lot of that appeared to stem from Irving maturing and understanding why James was the way he was during their tenure.

It is very possible Irving simply forgot about James while hyping up Durant. Or maybe he was being a hundred percent honest, and that is genuinely how he feels.

With Irving, you never know.

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