LeBron James’ Cryptic Message Amid Shady $500K Lakers Bet

LeBron James’ Cryptic Message Amid Shady $500K Lakers Bet

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James entered the league’s health and safety protocols on Tuesday.

When an NBA player has a confirmed positive COVID-19 test, the league requires a minimum of 10 days of seclusion away from that player’s team without any physical activity.

As a result, James sat out his squad’s drama-filled victory over the Sacramento Kings that same day.

In the aftermath, James took to social media with a cryptic message regarding this entire situation.

James, by all accounts, was fully vaccinated. It is unclear whether he is under the impression that the NBA is penalizing him for a false positive or what – but clearly the Lakers star is not happy.

According to multiple reports, James returned two positive COVID-19 tests and one negative. Any player who tests positive is forced to sit out at minimum 10 days or present two negative tests separated by 24 hours.

Further raising suspicion that something is amiss is a bet that was placed on the Lakers’ game against the Kings that subsequently went viral.

Fan reaction was swift:

Did some sort of insider knowledge go into making this bet? The world will never know.

But clearly there is a certain degree of suspicion surrounding James’ abrupt positive COVID-19 tests – including from the Lakers star himself.

Will Adam Silver ultimately come out and clarify what precisely is going on with James? He has been very blunt about the league’s various stars as it pertains to COVID-19, so it would make sense if he did.

At the moment, though – everything seems real silent around the league office.

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