LaMelo Ball Requesting Knicks Draft Him

LaMelo Ball Requesting Knicks Draft Him

LaMelo Ball Requesting Knicks Draft Him

LaMelo Ball is widely regarded as one of the three best players who will be available in the 2021 NBA Draft. Some even have him as the very best.

As such, it should come as no surprise to anyone that he is beginning to maneuver in a way that will allow him to pick his preferred destination.

What is his preferred destination? It appears to be the New York Knicks.

Despite the Knicks having been an absolute train wreck for the better part of the last 20 years, something about the franchise’s history and potential seems to speak to Ball.

“LaVar Ball has said he sees the Knicks as a good fit for his son, LaMelo Ball,” Ian Begley reported this week.

“Several teams with picks projected behind the Knicks are doing their homework on prospects and believe Ball and his circle prefer to land in New York.”

LaVar certainly proved his ability to get one of his sons wherever he wants to go when he got the Los Angeles Lakers to draft Lonzo Ball. However, based on how that worked out for all involved, the Knicks may opt to learn from the incident and not repeat the Lakers’ mistake.

There is still a lot of time left before the 2021 Draft, so obviously everything is subject to change between now and then.

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