LaMelo Ball On Who’s Better Between Him And Lonzo

LaMelo Ball On Who’s Better Between Him And Lonzo

LaMelo Ball is the reigning Rookie of the Year and one of the NBA’s most promising young stars. He is also in the unique position of having his older brother, Lonzo, as a fellow high-profile player. Naturally, people have been comparing the two quite frequently over the past year.

Stephen A. Smith’s assessment of the pair, in particular, was especially brutal.

By the numbers there isn’t much of a debate here. LaMelo averaged 15.7 points per game while shooting 43.6 percent from the field last season. Over the course of his career, Lonzo has never shot more than 41.6 percent from the field or averaged more than 14.6 points per game.

In his rookie campaign with the Lakers, Lonzo averaged 10.2 points per game while shooting 36 percent from the field, 30.5 percent from three and 45.1 percent from the free-throw line. By any objective measure, LaMelo has been and continues to be the better player.

In a recent segment with GQ, LaMelo got brutally honest regarding who’s better between him and his big brother.

“Imma go with LaMelo Ball is better,” he said. “It’s just a fact. That’s it. All right. Play style different? We got some similarities, but then we also got a lot of differences. I think the difference is, I’m better. That’s just my opinion.”

Interestingly enough, Lonzo was presented with the same question last year: who’s better between you and your little bro? His answer caught a lot of people off guard.

Between his stellar on-the-court performances, standout relationship with Michael Jordan, and impressive way of pulling some of the world’s most attractive women – LaMelo is clearly winning at life right now. And based on how brutally honest he was in being better than his older brother, he seems to know it.

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