Lakers Willing To Trade All Their Draft Picks For 2 Players

Lakers Willing To Trade All Their Draft Picks For 2 Players

The Los Angeles Lakers have been a mainstay in the headlines ever since the end of last season. And for good reason.

Coming into 2021-22, many viewed them as a legitimate frontrunner to win a title. By year’s end, they were sitting at home and watching the playoffs unfold without them.

Throughout the offseason many wondered whether L.A. would be willing to part with the only real trade capital at the team’s disposal: their 2027 and 2029 first round draft picks.

This week, an answer emerged.

According to Dave McMenamin, the only guys the Lakers would be willing to give those picks up for are Kyrie Irving and Donovan Mitchell. The latter ended up going to the Cleveland Cavaliers this summer; the former remained with the Brooklyn Nets.

McMenamin is known for two things: being one of the most plugged in insiders in the game and his extremely popular girlfriend. If he says L.A. was willing to give up both picks for Irving and Mitchell, he is spitting facts.

It will be interesting to see where the Lakers go from here.

The team has comprised a very combustible set of characters and is hoping they mesh together well this season. That bet didn’t work out too well for them last season.

Over the past week Russell Westbrook has said some interesting things about coming off the bench for L.A. in 2022-23.

That has given fresh hope about him possibly accepting a more complementary role. Should that occur, maybe the Lakers can surprise some folks.

If L.A. ultimately gets off to a slow start, though – expect the trade talks to intensify once more. And once that happens, nothing is off the table. Not the two draft picks. Not Anthony Davis. Nothing.

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Jennifer Withers Hoey

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