Lakers Were Team Most Hurt By Coronavirus, Says Star

Lakers Were Team Most Hurt By Coronavirus, Says Star

Lakers Were Team Most Hurt By Coronavirus, Says Star

At least one NBA star thinks the Los Angeles Lakers were the team most harmed by coronavirus.

Backup Jared Dudley said this much recently during an interview with Michael Lee of The Athletic.

“Even if we win the championship next year, that’s not saying this would not have been our best chance,” he said.

“This would have been our best chance to win, even if you go into the future. The optics and everything was set up.

“We’re going to have homecourt and we don’t know how it would’ve been. Milwaukee might lose a few more games. We might have caught them. Probably most likely not, but you just don’t know.

“The momentum we were carrying going into it, it’s hard to repeat that,” he continued.

“You see LeBron James teams. He’s had teams that were No. 1. He’s also had teams that slipped up in the regular season and then caught wind in the playoffs.

“You don’t know next year, we may be the three seed. Yeah, we may beat these other teams in the playoffs, but it’s a lot easier when you have homecourt throughout.

The Lakers were winners of 11 of their last 13 outings prior to the cancellation of the season.

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