Lakers Legend Calls Out LeBron James For Bench Behavior (Video)

Lakers Legend Calls Out LeBron James For Bench Behavior (Video)

A Los Angeles Lakers legend took issue with LeBron James’ bench behavior this past week.

During a recent preseason outing between the Lakers and Golden State Warriors, an adorned in street clothes James could be seen eating on the bench.

It didn’t take long for the video to go viral.

For obvious reasons, the imagery rankled Lakers legend Michael Cooper.

While fan reaction was relatively mild, Cooper thought it was a big deal.

“I didn’t like that,” Cooper said in the aftermath.

“I didn’t like that. Again, he’s LeBron James, but still, you got to have respect for the game, man he’s sitting over there. I don’t mind the guy eating, but go eat in the locker room, and then when you come out and be part of the team, not just sit at the end of the bench eating.”

James is obviously a lightning rod for attention. Be it for the way he opts to handle female fans or his occasional beefs with folks sitting in the stands, the man knows all eyes are always on him.

In that respect, it’s hard not to question why he ate so openly in view of all the cameras and whatnot. He had to have known that there would be some backlash.

Will James ultimately respond to Cooper in any capacity? Time will tell.

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