Lakers Fans Respond Violently To Man Insulting Kobe Bryant (Video)

Lakers Fans Respond Violently To Man Insulting Kobe Bryant (Video)

Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest NBA players of all time and an icon in the city of Los Angeles. When he passed in January of 2020, it sent shockwaves throughout the entire world.

In many ways, Bryant’s impact transcended sports. Yes, he was a Los Angeles Lakers legend when he retired – but he was also far more than that.

A big reason why Kobe’s untimely passing caused such massive reverberations within the larger sports world is because his influence on the general cultural zeitgeist was so massive.

There is a reason why his wife, Vanessa, has become such a big star over the past four years. Between her wild party photos, intimate pictures with one of Kobe’s best friends, and provocative girls’ night snaps with La La Anthony, she is always trending for something.

Why? Because of how much Kobe loved and revered Kobe.

Although pretty much everyone has treated Kobe’s memory appropriately, as usual, trolls emerged following his passing. That is just the nature of the world these days.

During a gathering of Lakers fans, one particular troll decided to jump out and yell, “F**k Kobe.”

Lakers fans responded exactly the way you would expect them to:

Violence is obviously never the answer. No good comes from it. And it generally just leads to more trouble.

That said – when folks lose someone who meant so much to them, their city and society as a whole, poking the bear isn’t smart.

The troll who yelled an insult at Kobe in the presence of all those Lakers fans learned that lesson the hard way.

Kobe was an icon and a hero to many. Four years removed from his unfortunate passing his memory continues to live on in the city of Los Angeles in a truly meaningful and special way.

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