Lakers Fan’s Provocative Gesture Goes Viral (Video)

Lakers Fan’s Provocative Gesture Goes Viral (Video)

The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 113-101 on Friday night. With this win, they moved to 3-3 on the year.

Given LA’s early season struggles, the victory was met with much positive attention.

That said, it still wasn’t the most viral thing to come out of the game. Rather, the thing that went viral from this affair was what one enterprising Laker fan got busted doing on camera.

The video speaks for itself:

The “Suns girl” reference in that tweet is a callback to the infamous 7-Suns-in-1-night incident that took the internet by storm last year. You will recall, when that young lady’s proclivities got out she was reportedly disowned by her family.

Obviously it’s a bit premature to connect this incident to that, but it’s understandable why some on social media would make that leap.

Reactions to the clip were largely what you’d expect.

Fan fun times aside, LA seems to finally be regaining some semblance of momentum. Through the first five games of the season, the team recorded more fights with fans than wins (two via Russell Westbrook, one courtesy of Rajon Rondo).

Fortunately, it looks like that is now changing.

Will the Lakers ultimately be able to live up to the championship expectations many originally had for them at the beginning of the year? Time will tell.

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