Kysre Gondrezick Says Kevin Porter Jr. Didn’t Hit Her, She Fell

Kysre Gondrezick Says Kevin Porter Jr. Didn’t Hit Her, She Fell

Kysre Gondrezick came out in defense of former NBA star Kevin Porter Jr. once again this week.

Back in September, Porter was arrested for allegedly assaulting Gondrezick. At the time he was accused of brutally beating her, leading to a neck vertebra fracture and a laceration above her eye.

Porter was promptly traded and waived. He has been out of the NBA ever since.

Right around the time of the initial allegations, Gondrezick’s family also put a bounty on Porter’s head.

In the two months that has followed, however – new information has come to light.

First it was revealed that the ‘assault and strangulation’ charge Porter had been hit with had to be dropped. Why? Because it turned out that Gondrezick’s neck fracture was actually due to a congenital defect.

Now she is saying her other injuries weren’t Porter’s fault either.

“The result of my laceration above my eye did not come from what they publicized and put in a criminal statement,” Gondrezick said.

“It did not come from Kevin striking me or balling his fists up and hitting me in the face multiple times. My injuries didn’t support that. A laceration came from a fall where I hit the wall and I specified that to them.”

She didn’t stop there.

“I never called 911,” Gondrezick said.

“Kevin came in very adamant about wanting to have a conversation. I was asleep. Him coming in, grabbing me by the shoulders to try to wake me up to have that conversation. I was very hazy…

“Me trying to awaken and hurry up and quickly stand up in bed, I fell and I hit the side of my head against the wall.”

It will be interesting to see what the response to Gondrezick’s most recent comments are.

Initially there was a lot of backlash towards Porter.

Since then – things have died down.

Will Gondrezick’s recent statements change people’s perceptions of Porter going forward? Time will tell.

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