Kyrie Irving’s Blunt Response To James Harden Trade (Video)

Kyrie Irving’s Blunt Response To James Harden Trade

The Brooklyn Nets fell to the Washington Wizards 113-112 on Thursday evening.

Given that this was their 10th consecutive defeat, the Nets losing wasn’t the big story of the day. Rather, the thing that pushed the franchise into the headlines was James Harden being shipped off to the Philadelphia 76ers.

One of the primary issues Harden had with Brooklyn was Kyrie Irving. As such, many were curious to hear Irving’s take on all that transpired.

Irving offered his blunt reaction to the day’s happenings during the Nets’ postgame media session:

“I think that we can say our peace to James (Harden) and wish him well,” he said.

“Ultimately for me, I just want everybody to be happy and do things that they love to do and be a part of things that they can see themselves being successful at and it probably wasn’t here with us. And he made a choice and we respect him for it, no love lost.”

Irving didn’t stop there, though.

“You never really know what people are going through or what they’re going to decide to do,” he said.

“You got to sit back and respect their wishes. That’s what I do. For James we’ve had so much history in our day and age even playing together or even just watching each other from afar and it’s a mutual respect. I can’t really say that you feel that in the locker room, so to say, but we get hints. So we just wish him well. And we want him to be ultimately successful and now we move forward with the guys that are coming in.”

That said, Irving did admit that his status may have impacted Harden’s decision.

“That’s not really my place in terms of trying to convince somebody of something that they probably can’t see right now,” he added.

“James probably couldn’t see what we were getting into, obviously with my status being in-and-out, you know I saw a few things that maybe could have impacted things, but who knows.”

Kevin Durant offered a similarly forthright assessment of the Harden situation on Thursday evening.

For better or worse, it looks like all parties involved are moving forward. Both Irving and Durant are ready to push ahead with their new squad, and the same can be presumed for Harden.

Who will ultimately end up being the winner of this particular trade? Time will tell.

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