Kevin Durant’s Blunt Reaction To James Harden Trade (Video)

Kevin Durant’s Blunt Reaction To James Harden Trade (Video)

The Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers agreed to a blockbuster trade early Thursday.

As part of the deal, Philly is receiving James Harden and Paul Millsap in return for Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, Andre Drummond and two first-round picks.

It’s a massive move, and one that will likely have major implications for the Eastern Conference.

On Thursday evening, just hours after the trade was announced, Kevin Durant appeared on TNT to make player selections for the looming All-Star game. While on, he offered a fairly blunt take on the Harden trade.

“I think everybody got what they wanted,” he said.

Durant has not offered much in the way of analysis when it comes to the Harden situation. He stayed mum when the initial trade rumors emerged, and it appears as though that will remain the case going forward.

In the hours after this deal was announced, several interesting tidbits have emerged. Most notably, via Joe Vardon of The Athletic, that Harden and Kyrie Irving didn’t really vibe.

“The Nets were in Cleveland Jan. 17,” he wrote. “In their locker room before the game, Kyrie Irving lit ablaze some sage — a Native American ritual Irving has embraced in order to cleanse negative energy. Irving doesn’t do this before every game, but he apparently still feels haunted by parts of his past on the Cavs. So he lit his torch.

“Harden, according to sources who were in the room when it happened, was seated in front of his locker, watching Irving, and looked at Kyrie like he had three heads.”

The awkwardness appeared to be mutual.

“Definitely a weird vibe between them,” a source confirmed to Vardon. “You could tell Harden was annoyed, and Kyrie wasn’t feeling James.”

At this point, it’s an open secret why Harden got so frustrated with the Nets so suddenly. This now-viral clip displaying how frosty things became between Harden and Irving speaks for itself. As does Harden’s overall attitude towards his part-time teammate.

It was time for all parties involved to go their separate ways – and that’s precisely what ended up happening.

The question at this point is where everyone goes from here. Who will ultimately emerge from today’s trade victorious? Will it be the Sixers or Nets?

An answer will emerge in the coming weeks and months.

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