Kyrie Irving Upset About Dennis Schroder Using Slur (Video)

Kyrie Irving Upset About Dennis Schroder Using Slur (Video)

Saturday night’s battle between the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets wasn’t particularly eventful, but not for the reason most expected.

Most figured Brooklyn would simply run away with the game since LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Kyle Kuzma were all out.

Instead, LA took control of the outing and dominated it to the very end.

The lone truly interesting thing that happened on the evening was Kyrie Irving and Dennis Schroder getting booted following a scuffle.

What led to it? It appears as though Irving didn’t take kindly to Schroder’s use of a particular racial slur.

The methodology for ejections this year has been random, at best. Earlier this season you had one player literally fracture another’s wrist and not face any consequences.

Meanwhile, this week alone, the Lakers have experienced two separate instances of players getting booted.

Will things even out from the refs going forward and become more balanced? Time will tell.

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