Kwame Brown Goes Off On Lakers’ LeBron James (Video)

Kwame Brown Goes Off On Lakers’ LeBron James (Video)

Kwame Brown has been a man possessed over the past few weeks.

The former Washington Wizards number one overall pick has gone after Matt Barnes, Stephen Jackson and Gilbert Arenas over an ‘All The Smoke’ episode.

He has destroyed ESPN NBA host Rachel Nichols in particularly controversial fashion.

And of course he couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to keep it 100 about the man who arguably ruined his career, Michael Jordan.

On Thursday, a new video began making the rounds online.

In this one, Brown could be heard taking Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James to the woodchipper, calling him a “fake activist.”

“LeBron say we getting chased down in the streets,” he said.

“Then I see a video of him and his whole goddam family riding a goddam bike. And I didn’t see nobody chasing him. Now, LeBron, that was a poor choice of words. And I think that’s stupid as f*** cuz you work for a white company in Nike. And you work for a white company in the NBA. So if you so pro-black m***** f***** — quit. S*** don’t make no sense.

“You can talk about isolated incidents without inciting some dumb s***. Your whole life LeBron has been about busting your a** and working hard. Why don’t you teach some of these boys that s***. Why don’t you teach them you persevered out of the same ghetto that I did, but no, you know better than to teach that. You know better than to teach that. You know better than to do some s*** like that …Our black leaders are well protected by white folks now. That’s funny to me.”

It appears Brown is at least partially referencing James’ controversial tweet that landed him in hot water some months back.

To date, James has yet to respond to Brown’s criticism.

Will that change at any point? Time will tell.

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